World Readers – and looking forward to 2018

World-Wide readers of Louise Elisabeth Robertson- An Independent Author (   I have never submitted my books to a big publisher mainly out of a mixture of Pride, Fear and Self Belief. I have always lived in hope that publishers would eventually find me. In saying that, I rely on word of mouth and people buying my book from the many places available. I have no big advertising support or budget as every penny goes into my next book so end up spamming my long suffering friends. Getting big newspapers and TV stations to notice me is nigh on impossible. So …. I share instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you name it I’m on social media and go by Talesilove.   I have to share that my books mean so much to me, they are a dream come true and something I never really thought that I would achieve. I just have this desire for everyone in the world to love them and be part of my journey. I now have readers in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, China, India, Belgium, Indonesia, Singapore, UK, Canada and the USA. These are the countries I know about, so if you have one of my books in your country please let me know (   I wrote and illustrated my first book in 1993, the year my eldest daughter was born.This book remains in storage and may one day see the light of day. My second book Woofy Woo Woo the artist dog is out there on the book shelves and as mentioned before … a dream come true. Since I published this book I have been supported by some really BIG places – The Royal Academy of Arts in London and The National Galleries of Scotland. What is great about these places supporting me is that not only are they highly respected institutions, I know that the sale of my books not only help me but these magnificent institutions too, (so if this is inspiring you to buy my books, going to their online shops is another option ).   Since Woofy was published in 2016 I have gone on to have 4 more title published and created a website. I have visited schools and shared with children and also had store/shop signings. Some of the books are EBooks now so this has meant more children can enjoy. My website provides loads of downloads to support the books and give children more Woofy FUN.   Sometimes, I get despondent but I will never give up believing in myself and my books and know that I have achieved a life long dream that I just don’t want to stop….. even if my loving and supportive husband gets a little fed up with the constant mention of Woofy Woo Woo ( apparently I mention my literary dog more than our children … not true !). So Happy New Year 2018 and I have more to come. Thank you for your support across the world… I really mean it with all my heart as you are part of this dream.   Best Wishes Louise

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