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Tales I love- the website of the author, Louise Elisabeth Robertson. Not only an awarding winning author Louise is an experienced educator. Louise has led schools for over 17 years and has a specialism in early education.

Tour our site and you will find lots of cool books for nursery and kindergarten aged children. There are funny dog books, cheeky monkey books, clever ant books and much much more.

Fun and Education rolled into one. The books have been developed to encourage early childhood development through talk on topics for young children at home or in an early years setting. After reading the stories make sure that you visit our free download activities and games page. There are stories for older children here on the website too.

So If you are a parent, a grandparent, aunt, uncle or friend and you are looking for a gift for a birthday, special occasion or even a baby shower the Tales I Love books are perfect.

Click here to visit the Learning Castle for awesome colouring pages for kids to print out!


Louise is an experienced educator. She has been educating for 25 years, teaching children between the ages of 3-18 and adults. Louise has led in several schools across the globe and has held the role of Head Teacher/Principal in three schools and Deputy Head/Principal in two schools both in the UK and Internationally.

Louise recommends visiting Sekolah Bisa on Facebook, a school for street children in Indonesia.

​Also the Fiona Unity Foundation again on Facebook an orphanage and education centre.


Louise has a passion for nature, animals and wildlife in general. She has a particular interest in endangered animals in Indonesia and the plight of the Slow Loris.

Great links to visit are

​The little fire face project



​Louise taught Art and Design for 9 years before becoming a school Head Teacher.

​She is always painting and drawing and keeps very detailed sketch books of her travels around the world.

​The most recent theme has been Seahorses.

​Please visit the My Art tab.

Wife and Mother

Louise is married to Frank and between them they have 6 children. The children are spread across the world working and studying. They are a very global family.

Frank is running the great North Run again this year for MacMillian Cancer. For the 12th time!

His just giving link will appear here soon.