Baby Showers, Birthdays and a bit of Valentine Love

Baby Showers and Birthdays .   What? You may ask have the above got to do with books and authors. Well in my case quite a lot.   Books are now becoming the top gift to give and are replacing cards for birthdays and baby showers. A birthday card can cost 5 to 6 pounds in the UK ( $4-5 USA). So what happens to Birthday cards? The Answer they often it gets popped in to the bin. ( except those given to me by my husband, as they are my treasures).   A card literally has a short shelf life and within days it is removed from view. Whereas a treasured book has a lifetime to be loved and shared with generation to generation. On the inside of all my books I create a message page/signing page for a note or message can be left; this page is also very useful when I do a book signing. So if you are buying a card that cost 6 pounds why not spend a little bit more for lots more pages and lots more fun? In the case of a paperback book it’s not even double the price of a card. A book gives definitely hours more pleasure and won’t end up in the bin or trash.   I often get notes from friends who tell me that they have given a paperback version of my book as a card and the hardback version as a gift. This has been music to my ears and of course makes perfect sense.   So maybe this year my books will become and enjoyed as valentine gifts.  If you want a heart image and a bit of Woofy love, download and print (for free) a Woofy postcard/ image from Tales I Love. You can order your books from, Amazon, Waterstones and Barnes and Noble.  

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